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Material Advantage Student Chapter Suez University

Who is MA Suez?

Suez University’s Chapter of Material Advantage is comprised of 100 undergraduate student members. The chapter is run by eight officers who work together to maintain chapter records as well as plan and execute all events.

Our chapter’s mission is to provide opportunities for the members in all areas of materials science and engineering. These opportunities include professional development, industry and research exposure, and community building.

Last year, Material Advantage Suez chapter got the most outstanding Student activity all over the world among more than 180 competitors, the Materials Research Society for graduate students, to plan many events including the Metallurgical Career Development Conference MCDC. Know more about MCDC from here.

Our international Magazine Spectrum is the first technical magazine talks about materials engineering in the MENA area “middle east and north Africa”. Get your free copy from here.

Who is MA international? (MA) Material Advantage is a society for students interested in Materials Science and Engineering. It is built upon 4 founding associations: ACerS, AIST, ASM, and TMS. Students with a Material Advantage membership automatically have memberships in the 4 founding associations as well, which opens opportunities for networking, scholarships, and journals.

Please check out the website for MA here for more information about these opportunities. Also visit the 4 founding societies at their respective websites: ACerS, AIST, ASM, and TMS.