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Metallurgy Around The Globe Conference

For everyone interested in the metallurgical field graduate and under-graduate and wants to enrich his profession, Knowledge and career.
Material Advantage, Suez university student chapter (MA SU SC) is hosting a global conference on material science and metallurgical industry.

"Metallurgy Around The Globe Conference" will be a golden chance to meet professional experts and professors from USA, Canada, Belgium, Mexico and Egypt.
MAGC 2020 conference’s themes will be about: failure analysis, steel industry , heat treatment, material selection in aerospace industry and new technologies in coating.

Seize the opportunity, converse with our speakers and socialize with colleagues from other institutions. Trip online to a possibly exotic locale and be up to date about what's happening in your field around the Globe.

Stay Tuned for our big offers and surprises that will be announced at the conference.

Platform: Hopin (The first live video platform for hosting fully-fledged events.

Ticket price: 20 $

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Steel industry Failure analysis Standards in Heat Treatment for automative manufacturing Material selection in aerospace industry New technologies in coating


Dr. Zi-Kui Liu

professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Abdelrahman El-Sayed

BS degree in metallurgical and materials engineering

Dr. Arturo Juárez

Professor in materials engineering

Mr. Víctor Zacarías

Director of Global Thermal Solutions México

George Vander Voort

president of Vander Voort Consulting

Dr.Véronique Vitry

senior researcher at the Metallurgy Unit

Eng. Mohamed Saied

Automation Manager of EZDK Company

Ms.Nihad Ben Salah

president of NBS-Materials

Debbie Aliya

president of Aliya Analytical

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