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Elsewedy Electric Field Trip

One of the biggest projects at EL-Sewedy Cables is the Wind Towers (the towers convert the natural wind into electricity).

So, it’s Our time to pronounce a field Trip 🔥 to EL-Sewedy Cables at El-Sokhna to See and get familiar with the whole of the manufacturing process.
And As a material engineer, you’ll see:
1.    The preparation for the materials.
2.    Cutting and welding process and the inspection on them.
3.    Sanding and Coating the final Towers and their inspection.
4.    Make networks with engineers 😉and get knowledge about your turn in these companies.

1.    Wednesday 6/11.
2.    Wednesday 13/11.
Fees: 50 LE for transportation.

*Note that the number is 15  per one ... So Hurry Up and wait the form tomorrow 7 PM.

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