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Career Development Conference 2

Material Advantage Suez & Students Cultural Committee O6U are pleased to give you the opportunity to attend Career Development Conference in its second year.

CDC mainly focus on preparing students for practical life, helping them to identify their goals, clarify the required steps to achieve their goals, and what skills are needed for work without feeling that gap between academic and real life.

• CDC will discuss different paths that a graduate can take after
graduation and introduce the graduates to the skills needed to be
professionals in their fields.
• Speakers will address also how you can start your career, and
technical skills that graduates should have to apply for certain
positions or for certain fields.
• These technical skills will be introduced by HR Managers and
Talent Sourcing Managers from different successful companies.
• Public speakers who had a successful experience in switching their
careers, discuss how they went through such process and what's
needed to switch career successfully.

Professional trainers will be on stage sharing with us their experience and showing us the needed skills to fill the gap between education and practical life.
رجعنا بـ Career Development Conference من جديد في عامه الثاني بالاشتراك بين Material Advantage Suez و Students Cultural Committee O6U.
فكرة المؤتمر قائمة علي إننا نحطك على اول طريق الـ Career اللي بتحلم بيه ونبين ليك المطلوب منك سواء في فترة الدراسة أو بعد التخرج, وتعرف نقط الضعف عندك و الـ Skills اللي لازم تكون متمكن منها عشان تقدر تبدأ رحلتك بعد الدراسة في الـ Job اللي هتكمل فيها حياتك بالإضافة للـ Strategies اللي بتعتمدها الشركات حاليا في الاختيار بين كل الـ Applicants اللي بيقدموا علي الـ Job دي.
و مش هنعرف نعمل كل ده غير لما نجيب ناس متخصصة فى الـ HR و الـ Marketing من اكبر الشركات اللى كل واحد بيحلم انه يشتغل فيها يكلمونا عن الـ Job Market النهاردة وايه المطلوب بالظبط من كل Undergraduate عشان يقدر يوصل للـ Dream Job بتاعته.
Topics in CDC 2:
1- Marketing Strategies.
2- Career Guiding.
3- Recruiting Strategies.
4- How to Conduct Efficient Interview.
5- Leadership and Team Work.
6- Decision Making.
7- Personal Branding.

Venue: 6 October University at 6th October city
Date: Sunday, 10th December, 2017.
Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

40 L.E Includes
Catering - Coffee Break – Certificate

Transportation from Suez= 35 L.E
- For Reservation, Please fill the application:

Fees can be paid:
- Direct
- Vodafone cash number: 01095688764

- In case of using Vodafone Cash from outside greater Cairo, Transformation fees will be added to ticket cost (2 EGP).

- For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

From 6 October: 01012691598 - Ahmed Elabd
From Cairo: 01279291519 - Ahmed Adel
From Helwan: 01024329116 - Ahmed Samir
From Suez: 01123472478 - Omar Khaled
From Menofeya: 01024626668 - Hosam Ayman

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